God’s Calling

A Note From Dr. David Strawn

Almost twenty years ago, God called me to partner with B.H. Carroll. Dr. Budd Smith, one of the Founding Fellows, had been one of my doctoral supervisors. When he told me about the vision of returning theological education to the local church and utilizing qualified, credentialed church staff members as teaching fellows, I knew God was revealing that Carroll was the answer to my prayers. I love teaching, and I love local church ministry. My relationship with Carroll allows me to fulfill my calling from God more completely.

David Strawn

Not only has God blessed me with the opportunity to serve His church AND teach for Carroll, He has brought many special relationships with students into my life. A number of the master’s students I have had the privilege of engaging in class have moved on to doctoral work. It is profoundly fulfilling to see God continue to work in the lives of those He has called to study at Carroll even after they complete their master’s degrees.


Christian Counseling


A person whom I had the opportunity to personally disciple was seeking to pursue a degree and licensure in Christian Counseling. When she asked me about some of the options she was considering, I suggested that she examine Carroll’s counseling degree. When she compared our program with the others, she discovered that our program offered better opportunities for training without having to move or commute to another campus and was more economical. As she progressed through the program, she came to me time and again, thanking me for connecting her with B.H. Carroll.


Doctor of Ministry


One especially meaningful connection has been with a student I was privileged to supervise through his Doctor of Ministry program. He is serving God’s church in a place where being openly a Christ-follower can result in prison time or worse. He, however, is so committed to serving the LORD and equipping His disciples that he is willing to literally put his life on the line for His kingdom. It has been a humbling experience to play a role in helping him follow our LORD.


Financial Support


God has given me the opportunity to not only guide students as they study to prepare themselves for ministry but to financially support them through monthly giving to B. H. Carroll for our ongoing ministry and to occasionally make a special, designated gift to facilitate a particular program or student.


If God has blessed you with financial resources to utilize in His kingdom, I believe you would be hard-pressed to find a place where those resources can make a more significant difference in the lives of those preparing for service in the diverse and global ministries of Christ’s church.


Published: Dec 13, 2023


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