Graduate Certificates

Carroll’s Graduate Certificates provide master’s-level education for people engaged in specific areas of ministry, but not interested in seeking a degree.

The Graduate Certificates are transcriptable, i.e., the courses are taken for academic credit and are recorded on a student transcript to be applied to a degree program at Carroll or transferred to another institution. Please know that no guarantee is made that another institution would apply these courses to one of its degrees.

See Admission Requirements.

At B. H. Carroll, courses are grouped into learning clusters. These clusters are natural convergences of the functional roles in ministry.

The four Learning Clusters are as follows:

Scripture and Witness (SW) – This cluster includes courses in Biblical Studies, New Testament, Old Testament, Biblical Languages, Preaching, and Interpretation.

Ministry and Formation (MF) – This cluster includes courses in Education, Leadership, Church Administration, and Pastoral Ministry.

Worship and Mission (WM) – This cluster includes courses in Worship, Missions, and Evangelism.

Faith and Heritage (FH) – This cluster includes courses in Christian Heritage (Christian History), Theology, Philosophy, Ethics, and Apologetics.

A Graduate Certificate consists of four (4) courses within a cluster, corresponding to an area of study.

For more detailed descriptions, see our Learning Clusters page.

Adlin Cotto

Adlin Cotto


Dr. Cotto has coordinated the Cuba program for Carroll since 2009, and has been working with Tarrant Baptist Association in the area of Hispanic Leadership Training. She administered the Seminary Extension program for Hispanic pastors and lay leaders for more than 15 years. She serves as a volunteer children’s and preschool minister.

Phone: (972) 580-7600


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I readily benefitted at Carroll from the steadfast commitment to the Word of God, professors who love the Lord, and classmates walking this road into ministry alongside me.

Carroll Theological Seminary is not only a superb theological education (and it is that)—but it is also an immersion into Christian ministry. Jesus said, “As you go, become disciple-makers” (Matt. 28: 19-20). Carroll is about developing the best “disciple-makers” possible.