Mission, Vision,

Values, Motivation


We equip missional leaders.
B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary is a graduate-level community of faith and learning which equips men and women called to serve Christ in the diverse and global ministries of His church.



We deliver accredited theological education to Christ-centered leaders in their contexts through a network of ministry partners.
Our vision for the future guides us in the present, where we pursue the goal of mobilizing the priesthood of all believers for service in Christ’s church and in the world through theological education in the local church and a network of related ministries. It brings into focus our desire to develop Christ-centered leaders who are faithful to Scripture and oriented toward practical and transformational ministry. It reminds of our commitment to academic excellence, to our Baptist faith, and to our collegial relationships with other evangelical Christians.


Our Values

Accessible. Affordable. Achievable. Accredited.
Our model of seminary education provides access to students where they live, work, and serve. No moving trucks. No cross-country journeys. No visa applications. You can earn your degree where you live, work, and serve for a fraction of the cost, in less time than in a traditional brick-and-mortar institution.

Our Motivation

Christ is all. Scripture is our guide. The body of Christ is our concern.
Our faith is rooted in the person and work of Christ as revealed in Scripture. We desire to offer him our intellectual best and to encourage others to do the same. Though we emphasize our Baptist heritage and principles, we are committed to engaging with other denominations which share our commitment to the Lordship of Christ, fidelity to Scripture, and belief in the need to illustrate the diversity reflective of the Kingdom of God, where some from every tribe, tongue, and people have been assembled to worship Him and are called to do His work. We seek to be responsive to the needs of the Christian community, collaborative and encouraging, and committed to the process of spiritual formation for a lifetime. Our network of fellows, resident fellows, and PhD and Doctor of Ministry supervisors also uphold well-founded and mature biblical worldviews on gender, marriage and the family.


Our Goals

The goals of each B. H. Carroll degree program are listed under the information tab for the specific degree. However, collectively we express our goals in the following way. At the conclusion of his or her course of study, each student should be able to demonstrate spiritual and intellectual maturity by:

  • Giving evidence of a comprehensive and discriminating understanding of their religious heritage.
  • Providing evidence of the cultural realities and structures within which the church lives and carries out its mission.
  • Demonstrating personal growth in faith, emotional maturity, moral integrity, spiritual discernment, and public witness.
  • Showing development within certain capacities—intellectual and affective, individual and corporate, ecclesial and public—which are necessary for Christian leaders, regardless of their placement or position in the body of Christ.
  • Giving evidence of the ability to engage in personal theological reflection on the practice of ministry and demonstrate capacity in both ecclesial and public contexts.


How To Get Involved

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Our mission is to equip men and women called to serve Christ in the diverse and global ministries of His church. You can join us as a student or, if the Lord leads, by helping those called to ministry fund their education. How will God use you?

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B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary is a trailblazer in the area of theological education, using technology and the local church to enrich the ministry practice of its students. Through the formation of collaborative communities of learning, Carroll nurtures the souls and sharpens the minds of both faculty and students alike.

Carroll Theological Seminary is not only a superb theological education (and it is that)—but it is also an immersion into Christian ministry. Jesus said, “As you go, become disciple-makers” (Matt. 28: 19-20). Carroll is about developing the best “disciple-makers” possible.