Funding Your Education

Funding Your Education

God has called you to ministry and now you need to prayerfully determine how you’re going to pay for your theological education. At B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary, we believe those whom He calls He equips through hard work, the support of churches, and the generous gifts of others who share the vision for theological education.

Remember, Carroll does not participate in federal financial aid or federal funding (FAFSA). However, a Carroll degree is roughly one-third the cost of most other ATS-accredited schools due to the generosity of donors, and many Carroll students are supported, at least on some level, by the ministry or church where they currently serve. This is good news for students like you who are uncertain how they will pay for their education.

Your next steps

  • Start praying for God to provide and give you discernment regarding the necessary resources needed to attend seminary.
  • Start budgeting and reduce or eliminate unnecessary expenses such as eating out, new technology, new cars, and travel.
  • Start saving (if you haven’t already) and create a plan to set aside an amount each month that can go towards your education so that when tuition is due the funds are available.
  • Encourage your church to support you in completing your theological education. Whether you’re already on staff or serving as a lay leader, many churches are eager and willing to support seminary students as it directly impacts and benefits the church body.
  • Consider inviting family, friends, and mentors who have encouraged you in the seminary journey to come alongside you in prayer and provision (much like you would raise prayer and financial support for a mission trip).


  • General Scholarship – Short-term need-based scholarship funds are available on a limited basis. This scholarship is intended to support a student during a season of financial hardship so that they can continue working on their degree.
  • Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) Scholarship – Carroll students who are engaged in the ministry of the Texas Baptist Student Ministry (BSM Directors, Associate Directors, Assistants, and Campus Ministry Interns) are eligible for up to a $1,200 scholarship during the first academic year of enrollment.
  • Snider Scholarship – A scholarship for female counseling students currently enrolled in practicum. Given annually, this need-based scholarship is determined through an application process and is based on a student’s potential in the counseling field.

For more information or an application to apply for any of the above scholarship opportunities, please send an email expressing your interest to

Additional opportunities

  • Local or state conventions often have scholarships or matching fund opportunities available for seminary students.
  • Private Student Loans – Often these can be obtained from your local bank or organizations that provide graduate school loans designed for those pursuing masters or doctoral degrees.
  • Scholarship databases, such as FastWeb, GoGrad, and Sallie Mae’s Graduate School Scholarships offer one location from which to search for many different scholarship opportunities.
  • Pray for the Lord to give you wisdom and lead you in how best to pay for your theological education. Consider posting a prayer through the Carroll Prayer Network (CPN).

The Ph.D. program at B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary has continually exceeded my expectations. Its combination of affordability, flexibility (both regarding remote learning and the subjects students can study), and quality is unique and unmatched.

Where finances and time constraints were obstacles, BH Carroll’s affordability and accessibility have cleared the way for me to pursue my Ph.D. in counseling.