Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Programs

We’ve designed each of our doctoral programs with hand-tailored academic seminars which give you the specific training you need to excel in God’s ministry plan for your life. Browse our doctoral programs to see which program is right for you.


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Your prior studies have supplied you with knowledge, but you aren’t ready to stop learning. Your prior experiences have allowed you to apply your knowledge, but you aren’t ready to stop growing. The Doctor of Ministry degree is designed to increase your learning—in the context of praxis—and to increase your giftedness for the next challenge God is leading you to in your life.

The DMin degree prepares ministers to practice ministry reflectively and meaningfully through the ongoing integration of theory and practice. The program also trains ministers to acquire and develop effective leadership skills and competency in pastoral research. Students, advised by their supervisor, will contribute to the understanding and practice of ministry through the design, implementation, evaluation, and completion of a doctoral-level project.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Carroll PhD program is designed for men and women called by God into the vocation of theological scholarship in teaching, writing, and research. It also enables students to develop a sense of and a commitment to the vocations of research and teaching in theological ministerial practice.

Admission to this program is extended only to persons who have demonstrated the intellectual ability, preparation, and motivation for a scholarly vocation (this includes prerequisite training in biblical languages, except in selected non-pastoral vocations including counseling and leadership). Students who are accepted into the program must also obtain proficiency in research languages (German, French, or another research language approved by the director) or, for the PhD in Christian Counseling, advanced statistics. 

Successful completion of this course of study requires the student to demonstrate: a comprehensive knowledge of a selected discipline of religious study; the capacity for critical thinking and evaluation; the competence to engage in original research and writing which advances theological understanding for the sake of church, academy, and society; a breadth of knowledge in other academic disciplines; and a sense of and a commitment to the vocation of theological scholarship in its dimensions of research, learning, teaching, devotion to God, and life-long stewardship.

PhD seminars are non-residential and engage student learning through a variety of delivery systems.


Doctorate of Psychology and Counseling (PhD)

B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary’s PhD in Psychology and CounselingDoctorate of Psychology and Counseling provides outstanding training in the field of mental health. Through advanced scholarship, grounded in rigorous study and based on a biblical worldview, our program fully prepares our graduates for careers in academia and professional positions of leadership in this discipline.

100% of our graduates are employed as full-time or adjunct professors in colleges, universities, or seminaries, in private practice, churches and other religious organizations, and in state level leaderships roles in the counseling field.

The Ph.D. program at B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary has continually exceeded my expectations. Its combination of affordability, flexibility (both regarding remote learning and the subjects students can study), and quality is unique and unmatched.

Where finances and time constraints were obstacles, BH Carroll’s affordability and accessibility have cleared the way for me to pursue my Ph.D. in counseling.

What I value most about Carroll’s professors is the determination to equip men and women to serve in Christian Ministry without neglecting worship and fellowship, either face-to-face or virtually. B.H. Carroll Theological Seminary is a great place to enhance your theological skills as well as enlighten your relationship with God and others.