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Student Outcomes

In keeping with its commitment to operational and educational quality, B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary monitors the retention, completion, and employment rates of its students and graduates. It also monitors the rate at which students who require professional licensure pass their state exams. This information provides insight on student performance and satisfaction from enrollment to graduation. Below are highlights of student educational outcomes at B. H. Carroll.

Doctor of Philosophy & Doctor of Ministry

In the PhD program, which combines elements of the British and American models and offers instruction through seminars, one-to-one mentorships, and colloquia, around three-fourths of enrolled students complete the degree, based on data from the years 2005-2020. Most students complete the degree in around five years.

According to the latest statistics

  • 78% of enrolled students complete the PhD program
  • 33% of graduates are serving as full-time faculty members at sister theological institutions
  • 42% of graduates serve as both pastors or counselors, as well as adjunct faculty in sister theological institutions
  • 17% of graduates serve as full-time pastors
  • 8% of graduates hold denominational offices

Historically, B. H. Carroll’s Doctor of Ministry program graduation rate is 78%. A newly redesigned Doctor of Ministry program was launched in 2020; those students continue to be on track for graduation, as well. 

Retention Rate

The year-to-year retention rate for doctoral programs is 91%; the retention rate over 17 years is 72%.

Number of Graduates

  • Doctor of Ministry: 7
  • Doctor of Philosophy: 41

Master’s Degrees

Many students who come to B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary are already employed by churches, parachurch ministries, or other religious non-profits during the course of their studies. Accordingly, most are enrolled part time. 

Entering Students

All students now complete a new “Entering Student Survey” as part of their introductory Gateway course at B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary. The following figures are based on a survey of entering students conducted August 2020-September 2022.

  • 73% of entering students work more than 20 hours per week
  • 70% of entering students are married
  • 70% of entering students enrolled on a part-time basis
  • 56% of entering students are female
  • 59% of entering students were forty (40) years old or younger
  • 59% of entering churches attend churches with less than 500 members (17% attend churches with less than 100 members)
  • 73% have held, been elected to, or appointed to a leadership position in a local church in the past five (5) years
  • 39% of entering students have already earned another master’s degree (includes Juris Doctor)
Entering student master’s-level and certificate-level enrollment by degree program from August 2020-September 2022:
  • 15% Master of Divinity
  • 2% Master of Divinity (Chaplaincy)
  • 41% Master of Arts (Counseling)
  • 2% Master of Arts (Christian Education)
  • 5% Master of Arts (Worship)
  • 5% Master of Arts (Christian Ministry)
  • 7% Master of Arts (Religion)
  • 2% Master of Arts (Theology)
  • 2% Graduate Certificate
  • 15% Ministry Certificate
Denominational affiliation of students entering from August 2020-September 2022:
  • 80% Baptist (includes Southern Baptist, American Baptist, National Baptist, and others)
  • 2% Other Denominations (Pentecostal, Evangelical Free Church, and others)
  • 15% Non-Denominational
New students indicated their top five reasons for choosing to attend B. H. Carroll were:
  • 73% claimed “Theological Perspective”
  • 73% claimed “Flexible Schedule”
  • 58% claimed “Affordability of Tuition and Fees”
  • 34% claimed “Quality of Faculty”
  • 31% claimed “Academic Reputation”

Retention Rate

The year-to-year retention rate for master’s programs is 61%.

Master’s-Level Graduation Rate

The flexibility of pursuing a degree at B. H. Carroll plays a role in the graduation rates for our standard three-year degree plans as students are often working in ministry full time as they pursue these degrees. Thus, while our graduation rate over three years is 25%, most students who complete a degree do so over a five- to six-year period.

Number of Graduates

  • Master of Arts in Christian Education: 18
  • Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (Licensure and Ministry): 41
  • Master of Arts in Religion: 54
  • Master of Arts in Theology: 105
  • Master of Arts in Worship: 9
  • Master of Divinity: 26

Data from Graduating Students

A new Graduating Student Survey, based on data categories set by the Association of Theological Schools, was issued beginning in September 2021. The figures below represent survey data obtained from a small pool of students.

  • Average time to degree completion: 5.4 years
  • 66% of graduating students were pursuing the degree part-time.
  • 88% of graduating students are currently serving in fulltime or part time ministry.
  • 88% graduated without educational debt from their degree at B. H. Carroll.
  • 90% of graduating students were very satisfied with accessibility of the faculty.
  • 90% of graduating students were very satisfied with the quality of teaching.
  • 90% of graduating students were very satisfied or satisfied with their experience with Carroll library resources.
  • 100% of graduating students “strongly agree” with the statement, “I have been satisfied with my academic experience here.”
  • 70% of graduating students “strongly agree” their experience at Carroll has enhanced their spiritual formation.
  • 100% of graduating students “strongly agree” with the statement, “My faith is stronger than when I came.”

NOTE: Institutional figures will be updated following Spring Commencement.

Carroll Theological Seminary is not only a superb theological education (and it is that)—but it is also an immersion into Christian ministry. Jesus said, “As you go, become disciple-makers” (Matt. 28: 19-20). Carroll is about developing the best “disciple-makers” possible.