Results matter.

Student Outcomes

In keeping with its commitment to operational and educational quality, B. H. Carroll Theological Institute monitors the completion (and employment) rates of its students. It also monitors the rate at which students who require professional licensure pass their state exams. Below are highlights of student educational outcomes at B. H. Carroll.

Doctor of Philosophy & Doctor of Ministry

In the PhD program, which combines elements of the British and American models and offers instruction through seminars, one-to-one mentorships, and colloquia, around three-fourths of enrolled students complete the degree, based on data from the years 2005-2020. Most students complete the degree in around five years.
According to the latest statistics:

  • 78% of enrolled students complete the PhD program
  • 33% of graduates are serving as full-time faculty members at sister theological institutions
  • 42% of graduates serve as both pastors or counselors, as well as adjunct faculty in sister theological institutions
  • 17% of graduates serve as full-time pastors
  • 8% of graduates hold denominational offices

B. H. Carroll’s Doctor of Ministry program just launched, so we are not able to provide data on the program at this time.

Master’s Degrees

Many students who come to B. H. Carroll Theological Institute are already employed by churches, parachurch ministries, or other religious non-profits during the course of their studies. Among those who have graduated:

  • 92% of graduates are involved in vocational ministry
  • 16% of graduates plan to engage in further study
  • 75% of graduates are involved in church ministry
  • 26% of graduates are involved in youth ministry
  • 19% of graduates are involved in Christian education

Among those pursuing the Master of Arts in Counseling:

  • 96% passed the Texas Licensed Professional Counselor exam
  • 100% are employed in the counseling profession

Carroll Theological Institute is not only a superb theological education (and it is that)—but it is also an immersion into Christian ministry. Jesus said, “As you go, become disciple-makers” (Matt. 28: 19-20). Carroll is about developing the best “disciple-makers” possible.