MDiv in Chaplain Ministry
with Biblical Languages


This degree includes 3 courses in New Testament Greek and 3 courses in Old Testament Hebrew (12 total credit hours) designed for students interested in enhancing their capacity for study and interpretation of the biblical texts by acquiring the language knowledge to learn to read the New and Old Testaments in their original languages.

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Core Courses


Credits: 2
Code: BHCTI5000

An introduction and orientation to B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary’s distinctive competency-based curriculum with its core ingredients. The scope of the course will deal with the nexus and teaching church concepts, accession of all online data, navigation through the online library, and guidance to research and writing. Students must pass the Gateway Course in order to enroll in subsequent courses. Additional $50 fee for instrumentation of testing and evaluation.

Biblical Interpretation

Credits: 2
Code: SWBIT5111

An introduction to the nature of the Bible; the definition of and need for hermeneutics; a survey of historical and contemporary hermeneutical approaches; the principles of a grammatical-historical-theological-practical approach; and case studies of biblical passages that illustrate the principles.


I readily benefitted at Carroll from the steadfast commitment to the Word of God, professors who love the Lord, and classmates walking this road into ministry alongside me.

The demand for highly trained chaplains of all types is significantly increasing. By bringing together B.H. Carroll’s educational excellence and the Marsh Center for Chaplain Studies vocational experience, students are achieving a deeper understanding of the opportunities awaiting them in chaplaincy ministry. Preparation is the key. Through the collaborative synergy between the Marsh Center and B.H. Carroll, students achieve an education that is relevant, focused, and applicable.