Master of Arts

in Worship


When Jesus was asked by the teachers of the law which commandment was the most important, He responded:

“The most important is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’”
Mark 12:29-30

Christian worship is one of the primary ways we obey this great command. Through corporate and private worship of the Triune God, we express our love for God and deepen our relationship with Him. When we present ourselves as a living sacrifice to God, we honor and glorify His name and in the process, we become more like Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. Other people are also drawn to Christ when we worship Him.

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Program Description

The Master of Arts in Worship degree prepares persons for competent leadership in worship ministry in congregations and other settings. It is a professional program that prepares individuals to:

  • Plan and lead worship services that are built on biblical principles and patterns, that are shaped by essential Christian doctrines, and that exhibit sound principles of design and function;
  • Teach others the biblical, theological, historical, and cultural dimensions of worship and the implications of these for planning, leading, and experiencing worship;
  • Lead the church to understand the various elements of worship and appreciate diverse styles and expressions of worship;
  • Model awe and love for God and educate the congregation in personal, family, and corporate worship, and;
  • Model openness to the broad spectrum of worship experiences in history and in various cultural contexts, and lead a congregation to explore ways these may be used in planning and leading worship.

All courses required for the MAW program are offered Online.

Program Goals

The central goals (adapted from ATS standard 4.6) of the Carroll M.A. in Worship degree, as an advanced professional program oriented leadership in worship ministry, include the following:

Goal 1: Master of Arts in Worship degree recipients will give evidence of capacity for critical and constructive theological reflection regarding the content and processes of worship ministry.

Goal 2: Master of Arts in Worship degree recipients will give evidence of understanding of worship planning, design, and history and competence in worship leadership within the cultural context in which worship ministry occurs.

Goal 3: Master of Arts in Worship degree recipients will give evidence of growth in personal and spiritual maturity.


Who can be admitted to the program?

Students will be expected to be active members of Christian churches; persons of genuine Christian character, attitude, and behavior; have sufficient academic qualifications; and exhibit a call to serve Christ in the diverse and global ministries of His church, or who are committed to preparing and mobilizing as disciples for more effective ministry through His church. Students will include lay persons seeking academic and spiritual enrichment. B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary will encourage diversity in race, ethnicity, national origin, and gender and will be open to persons from any Great Commission church.

Does my undergraduate degree have to be in music?

While a music degree is helpful, Master of Arts in Worship students come from a variety of backgrounds and at different life stages—many of whom are called to music after spending time in unrelated fields. Thus, we do not require an undergraduate music degree.

Course TitleCourse NumberCredits
Old Testament (Choose 2 of 3)SWBLI—5111, 5112, 51132
New Testament (Choose 2 of 3)SWBLI—5211, 5212, 52132
Biblical InterpretationSWBIT—51112
Christian Theology (Choose 2 of 3)FHBTH—5111, 5112, 51132
Christian Heritage (Choose 2 of 3) FHCHS—5111, 5112, 51132
Baptist HeritageFHCHS—52112
The Teaching ChurchMFFND—51112
The Functioning ChurchMFADM—51112
Leadership in MinistryMFLDS—51112
Christian DisciplinesWMWOR—52112
Christian WorshipWMWOR—51112
Christian WitnessWMEVA—51112
Foundations of Christian WorshipWMWOR—51122
Worship Planning and DesignWMWOR—51132
Worship and MissionsWMWOR—51142
Choose One:
Worship Leadership and Technology
Worship, Context, and the Witness of Christian Community
CourseCourse Number2
CourseCourse Number2
Supervised Ministry (2 terms)BHCTI—53212
Total Units:48

Units Required

Avg years

Cost per unit

Stan Moore

Stan Moore


Stan Moore is a graduate of the University of New Mexico where he earned a BME degree in Voice and Conducting. He also earned MCM and MM degrees in Conducting, and a DMA degree in Music Ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ft. Worth TX).

Phone: (972) 580-7600, Ext. 240


Interested in the Master of Arts in Worship program?

I readily benefitted at Carroll from the steadfast commitment to the Word of God, professors who love the Lord, and classmates walking this road into ministry alongside me.

B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary is a trailblazer in the area of theological education, using technology and the local church to enrich the ministry practice of its students. Through the formation of collaborative communities of learning, Carroll nurtures the souls and sharpens the minds of both faculty and students alike.

Carroll Theological Seminary is not only a superb theological education (and it is that)—but it is also an immersion into Christian ministry. Jesus said, “As you go, become disciple-makers” (Matt. 28: 19-20). Carroll is about developing the best “disciple-makers” possible.