Master of Arts

in Christian Education


The MACE program provides training for those called to equip others in the ministries of the local church and other parachurch organizations. Ministers of education, executive pastors, small group pastors, age group ministers, and special ministry leaders benefit from the biblical, theological, and practical training included in the MACE degree. The following competencies are developed through the courses taken.

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Program Description

The Master of Arts in Christian Education degree prepares persons for competent leadership in educational ministry in congregations and other settings. It is a professional program that prepares individuals:

  • To train and develop church leaders in the proper interpretation of the Bible and application of its truth within the life and ministry of the church;
  • To model effective leadership skills and appropriate relationships with the staff, church members and other members of the community, and to develop these skills in other church leaders by helping them to be motivated, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and develop ongoing leadership improvement plans;
  • To function as curriculum coordinator of the church, assisting in the adoption of a philosophy of teaching and training that reflects an understanding of the functions of the church integrated with a curriculum plan that identifies ministry needs, and effects specific strategies for reaching learning goals;
  • To lead the church to adopt a working model for calling out, training, equipping, and developing church leaders in the areas of teaching skills and age-appropriate methods for the church’s educational programs;
  • To reflect and develop a biblical view of Christian stewardship within the church and to give leadership to budgeting and responsible operation and control of finances.

All of the classes required for the MACE degree are offered Online.

Program Goals

The central goals (adapted from ATS standard 4.6) of the Carroll MA in Christian Education degree, as an advanced professional program oriented toward leadership in education ministry, include the following:

Goal 1: Master of Arts in Christian Education degree recipients will give evidence of capacity for critical and constructive theological reflection regarding the content and processes of educational ministry.

Goal 2: Master of Arts in Christian Education degree recipients will give evidence of understanding of the educational, social, and behavioral sciences that undergird educational practice, as well as the cultural contexts in which educational ministry occurs.

Goal 3: Master of Arts in Christian Education degree recipients will give evidence of growth in personal and spiritual maturity.

Goal 4: Master of Arts in Christian Education degree recipients will give evidence of skill in teaching and in the design, administration, and assessment of educational programming.

Core Courses
Course TitleCourse NumberCredits
New Testament (Choose 2 of 3)SWBLI—5211, 5212, 52134
Old Testament (Choose 2 of 3)SWBLI—5111, 5112, 51134
Biblical InterpretationSWBIT—51112
Christian Theology (Choose 2 of 3)FHBTH—5111, 5112, 51134
Christian Heritage (Choose 2 of 3) FHCHS—5111, 5112, 51134
Baptist HeritageFHCHS—52112
The Teaching ChurchMFFND—51112
The Functioning ChurchMFADM—51112
Leadership in MinistryMFLDS—51112
Christian DisciplinesWMWOR—52112
Christian WorshipWMWOR—51112
Christian WitnessWMEVA—51112
Total Units for Core:34
Additional Studies
Course TitleCourse NumberCredits
History & Philosophy of Christian EducationMFFND—51122
Administration of Church FamilyMFADM—51122
Educational PsychologyMFFND—51132
Principles of TeachingMFFND—51152
Human Growth & DevelopmentMFPSY—55212
MF CourseCourse Number2
MF CourseCourse Number2
Course in Any ClusterCourse Number2
Course in Any ClusterCourse Number2
Course in Any ClusterCourse Number2
Supervised Ministry IBHCTI—53112
Supervised Ministry IIBHCTI—53122
Total Units for Additional Studies:26

Units Required

Avg years

Cost per unit

Adlin Cotto

Adlin Cotto


Dr. Cotto has coordinated the Cuba program for Carroll since 2009, and has been working with Tarrant Baptist Association in the area of Hispanic Leadership Training. She administered the Seminary Extension program for Hispanic pastors and lay leaders for more than 15 years. She serves as a volunteer children’s and preschool minister.

Phone: (972) 580-7600


Interested in the Masters of Arts in Christian Education program?

Carroll has everything you need—and more—to gain more knowledge and wisdom in Scripture and theology. You can take courses from the comfort of your own home and still have access to some of the most gifted professors in our region. They not only teach you but guide you in the direction you need to go in your ministry to fulfill God’s calling on your life.

I readily benefitted at Carroll from the steadfast commitment to the Word of God, professors who love the Lord, and classmates walking this road into ministry alongside me.