Sharing One Another’s Burdens

*Photo has been changed for protection.

As far back as he can remember, our brother—a pastor in Cuba—has had a boot on his neck. The government there sees the church as an enemy of the state’s communist ideals. Interrogations, arrests, the destruction of churches, and even the threat of death were, and still are, commonplace. Our brother, his family, and his church have experienced every tactic of persecution the regime could throw at them. Earlier this year, after a lifetime of oppression, our brother and his family fled Cuba. Now, they wait in another country for clearance to enter the United States and begin life anew.

We’re familiar with our brother’s testimony not just because he has been a leading voice for the church and religious freedom in Cuba. As one of our students, he also has deep ties with the faculty and staff of B. H. Carroll. We know his story well and have been happy to guide his study, even as he has labored toward his goal of earning a PhD in the midst of those threats, interrogations, and persecutions. Carroll’s mission is the provision of worldwide theological education. Sometimes, we provide it in places where the mention of the name of Jesus can create suspicions of disloyalty. Fulfilling this mission has allowed us to see such faithfulness!

In this Giving Week, we ask the supporters of B. H. Carroll to consider how they might also be faithful. Whether we have little or much, supporting students like our Cuban brother helps to grow the church. It brings honor to Christ when we share one another’s burdens, whether in prayer or with our financial resources.

Will you join us in equipping those called to teach God’s word?


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Published: Apr 21, 2023


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