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Imagine you’re a runner competing in a race. The finish line is in sight, when you’re suddenly told you must now run with only one shoe. That’s what life has been like for one of our PhD students. 

He recently moved his family to a small Arkansas town to serve as a pastor, just as he was getting close to finishing his dissertation. Within a few months the church told him he would need to find another job and serve bi-vocationally. His salary was cut in half and, since one of his children is enrolled at a Baptist university, he suspended his academic work in order to replace the family’s lost income. 

A financial gift this week could help him complete his degree by alleviating his family’s financial burden and carving out the precious time to complete his final months of research and writing. Our goal is to see this student well equipped and crossing the finish line (as well as our graduation stage). 


Will you join us in equipping those called to teach God’s word? 


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Published: Apr 17, 2023


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