Jesus on Leadership translated into a fifth language

Jesus on Leadership, written by B. H. Carroll Theological Institute President Dr. Gene Wilkes, has now been translated into a fifth language—this time into Urdu, the official language of Pakistan and of five states in India. It is the language spoken by the majority of people in one of the most gospel-resistant areas of the world, according to several mission organizations.

Christianity is Pakistan’s third-largest religion, but Christians comprise less than two percent of the country’s population. They are also persecuted and have suffered a spate of suicide bombings and targeted killings in recent years. 

Wilkes said he hopes the book will be a valuable resource for those who are serving house churches in the area, as well as those who are serving openly. “Those of the majority faiths will have a certain perception of Christians in Pakistan, but one of the things which distinguishes faith in Christ from all others is when his people model his servant leadership. It’s this model of servanthood which breaks down hard hearts precisely because his people continue to serve even in the face of persecution and death,” Wilkes said. 

Jesus on Leadership is also available in Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, and Indonesian.

Published: Oct 17, 2022


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