The Marsh Center for Chaplain Studies releaseses The Heart of a Chaplain: Exploring Essentials for Ministry

(June 13, 2022) — IRVING, TX 

The Marsh Center for Chaplain Studies, a chaplain-focused endeavor of B. H. Carroll Theological Institute, proudly releases The Heart of a Chaplain: Exploring Essentials for Ministry—a much-needed and comprehensive 376-page book on chaplain ministry. 

Chaplains today are on the cutting-edge of delivering effective ministry with expanding opportunities in both the secular and religious worlds. Chaplains fulfill a sacred calling to accompany and provide professional support and spiritual nurture for everyone in their distinctive secular communities, which authorize and hold them accountable. B. H. Carroll understands this ministry requires specialized knowledge, competencies, and initiative to meet a broad range of human needs and is pleased to offer this new resource written by 37 contributors with 914 years of chaplaincy experience in the military, health care, correctional, business, and private ministry settings.

The Heart of the Chaplain defines the chaplain ministry, explores the daily activities of chaplains, discusses the unique ministry of chaplaincy, provides the qualifications for chaplains, and describes the types of chaplains working in the field. The book is available where books are sold online, both in softbound printed and eBook versions.

Purchase on Amazon here. *Bulk and Student discount ordering coming soon!

Published: Jun 13, 2022


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