B. H. Carroll offering free conference on suicide and self-harm Jan. 28

January 6, 2022 (IRVING, Texas)—The B. H. Carroll Theological Institute will offer a special conference January 28 on two of the most pressing issues facing Americans as the world continues to deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest and bullying, and the breakdown of the family—suicide and self-harm.  

During the pandemic in 2020, treatment of attempted and successful suicide victims at hospitals rose 22.3 percent among 12-17 year olds. And, according to a Centers for Disease Control report, the winter months of 2021 saw an even greater increase—39.1 percent. But the pandemic and fears of social collapse, bullying, and economic uncertainty are not only leading to an increase in suicide. They are also leading to non-lethal self-harm behaviors, such as cutting, mutilation, and other forms of abuse. 

Dr. Scott Floyd, director of the counseling program at B.H. Carroll, said the situation affects more than teens, and more than those who hurt themselves.

“While many times we focus on teens, this is happening among all age groups. Few events impact relationships, a family, a church body, or a community like suicide and self-harm. For counselors, ministers, and chaplains, it is not a question of if but how often they will interact with these individuals and their loved ones,” Floyd said.

Floyd said now is an opportune time to address this issue and provide counselors and caregivers with additional resources and methods as they work with those they serve who are hurting.

What are the signs?  What can I do to assess the level of danger?  How do I help individuals considering harming themselves?  What resources are available to me as I work with individuals?  These are questions we will answer in this conference,” Floyd said.

B.H. Carroll’s conference, “Self-harm and Suicide: Counselors and Ministers Working Together,” will take place January 28 at Southcliff Baptist Church in Fort Worth from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. The conference is open to counselors, ministers, and chaplains working with children, teens, young adults, military and first responders, and adults of all ages. 

The conference is offered free of charge. For counselors who are seeking continuing education credits (CE’s), the charge is $150 for seven (7) CE’s. To register, click here

Published: Jan 6, 2022


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