Faces of Carroll: Drs. Margie and Hurley Clayton

There are many reasons why our students, professors, and teaching churches choose B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. So many, that we decided to round up some of our favorite stories in this series: The Faces of Carroll.

Join us in learning more about the Faces of Carroll…

Drs. Margie and Hurley Clayton



They say good things come to those who wait. But Drs. Margie and Hurley Clayton know good things more often come to those who work—and work hard. 

Margie is the newest Ph.D. graduate of the B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. Hurley, pastor of the Berean Tabernacle Baptist Church in Beaumont, completed his Ph.D. with B.H. Carroll in 2014. Together, the Drs. Clayton have a combined total of roughly 16 years of doctoral-level scholarship. 

At the most recent Frank and Pauline Patterson Fall Colloquy, a biannual event where a scholar speaks and graduating Ph.D. students describe the findings of their research, Margie presented her dissertation, “An Analysis of Strategic Curricula That Seeks to Help African American Millennials Build Strong Foundations of Integrity.”

Like running a marathon, crossing the finish line was the best part, Margie said. 

“The dissertation defense was the most rewarding part of my experience,” she said. “Everything from being accepted into the program, learning the research language, and writing and re-writing has been a rewarding journey. However, the passing of the dissertation defense meant I had met or exceeded the requirements. God reminded me the morning of the defense that he would be with me.”

Margie said she chose B.H. Carroll at a time when she was searching for an affordable seminary, but also one which would challenge her thinking and understanding of Scripture, missions, philosophy, other religions, and even her own faith tradition. She found that in the Carroll fellows who were committed to providing ministry preparation for the diverse and global ministries of Christ’s church.

“What I value most about Carroll’s professors is the determination to equip men and women to serve in Christian Ministry without neglecting worship and fellowship, either face-to-face or virtually. B.H. Carroll Theological Institute is a great place to enhance your theological skills as well as enlighten your relationship with God and others,” Margie said. 

Published: Dec 4, 2020


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