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What is North Texas Giving Day?

In the midst of uncertainty, we can rely on the strength of one another. Doing our part individually helps our collective. Let’s be there for each other! Communities Foundation of Texas’ North Texas Giving Day is an event that lifts giving and engages the entire region to support local nonprofits, celebrating the important role they play in strengthening our communities. North Texas Giving Day is an opportunity to show the world our region’s generous spirit and that in these unprecedented times North Texans can and will take care of each other

North Texas Giving Day is an 18-hour online giving event designed to empower those in our community to support local nonprofits and causes they care about. B.H. Carroll has participated in NTGD since 2014! This year’s event will be held on Thursday, September 17, 2020 from 6:00 am – midnight, CST.

Most of the activity will take place via this website. News and updates will be posted regularly to social media sites: Facebook: North Texas Giving Day and Twitter: @NTXGivingDay

A Gift to B.H. Carroll

The Church is in a crisis of pastoral leadership globally. God is calling men and women to serve him daily, and the need for equipped servant leaders is critical. A gift to the mission of B. H. Carroll will provide the teachers, resources, and technology to equip those called to serve Christ in the diverse and global ministries of his church where they live and serve. Your gift will help deliver accredited theological education by:

  • Keeping tuition affordable at about one-third the cost of peer institutions
  • Training doctoral candidates to teach in colleges, universities, and seminaries
  • Returning accredited theological education back to the local church through our network of Teaching Churches
  • Growing our 100% digital library that is accessible 24/7 365 for our students
  • Providing scholarships of 100% tuition to our Kindred Scholars in Majority World contexts
  • Sending an accredited teacher to teach in countries like Cuba and China
  • Providing training to church leaders in their heart language without leaving their homes and ministries 
  • Helping a Christian counselor become a licensed professional counselor through her studies at Carroll

How to Participate

To give to Carroll on North Texas Giving Day, click here.

To participate in this year’s North Texas Giving Day, you’ll want to set a reminder to give on 09.17.2020. You can do that by marking yourself as “Going” on our Facebook Event. You will be reminded of the event a few days prior, as well as on the day of the event. This is a great way to stay involved with our participation in the event in real-time. Our Facebook Event will also contain the link and instructions for donating. 

Alternatively, you could create a reminder on your own calendar for 09.17.2020. Just be sure to note the link for donating:

If you’d prefer to give early, Scheduled Giving starts 09.01.2020!

All donations are disbursed to the organizations roughly one month after North Texas Giving Day. Unless a donation is made anonymously, we will know of your gift within minutes of you making it.

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If you have more questions about giving during this event, check out NTGD’s Donor FAQ page

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To give to Carroll on North Texas Giving Day, click here.

Published: Aug 24, 2020


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