Carroll announces shortening of MDiv, MDiv Chaplain Ministry degrees

IRVING, Texas (April 22, 2020)—The B. H. Carroll Theological Institute in Irving, Texas, has adopted changes to its Master of Divinity and Master of Divinity in Chaplain Ministry degrees which streamline the programs, reducing the number of hours required to graduate.  

Additionally, both degrees now present the option of pursuing a biblical languages or non-biblical languages track.

Under the guidelines of the Association of Theological Schools, one of the Carroll Institute’s accrediting agencies, the Master of Divinity degree (with biblical languages) was reduced to 72 hours.

According to Stan Moore, Senior Fellow and Registrar at Carroll, the number of credit hours required to graduate was reduced but instruction in all of the core competencies remains intact. 

“There is less room for electives and we have removed a portion of the hours for supervised ministry as most of our students are already involved in church or chaplaincy ministries, but they will still be getting the same instruction across an array of courses,” Moore said. 

Students in the Master of Divinity degree program without biblical languages will be taught basic competencies in Greek and Hebrew and how to use online research tools, without taking the language courses.

The Master of Divinity in Chaplain Ministry degree (with biblical languages) has been reduced to 76 hours. Students will receive the same education as their Master of Divinity degree counterparts, but with more time for electives. Students will also take courses specifically designed for those serving in chaplaincy.

“Chaplaincy, being a highly specialized field, requires additional coursework to ensure a well-rounded, functional education. We are looking to what our ministry partners and the military require and need in chaplains,” Moore said. 

The Master of Divinity in Chaplain Ministry without biblical languages can now be completed in 74 hours. 

Any current MDiv student who wishes to opt in for the newly-revised degree options can do so by notifying the Registrar. The application deadline for the Summer 2020 term ends May 1. Registration opens on the same day, and classes begin on June 1. 

Published: Apr 24, 2020


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