Wolf speaks on human trafficking

With human trafficking on the rise, Christians are uniquely positioned to combat the practice and to provide for those who have been affected by it, Dr. Shannon Wolf told the Christian Counselors of Texas during their annual meeting in Austin February 20-22. 

Wolf, who is Professor of Psychology and Counseling and Associate Director of Counseling Programs at B.H. Carroll, said a number of risk factors contribute to human trafficking, including emotional and physical abuse, mental disorders, drug dependency, abuse in the foster care system, abuse of cell phone technology, and childhood sexual assault. But the primary risk factor, she added, is the presence of a “non-protective family.” 

“The church should become more aware of what is happening in their own communities,” said Wolf. “They can strengthen their families. Children that come from strong families have fewer risk factors for being trafficked. If churches can build strong families, the chances of children—and women—being trafficked are far less.”

In counseling the victims of human trafficking, Wolf said Christian counselors make all the difference because they “have a hope nobody else has.”

“We have resources that nobody else can begin to touch, because we have Jesus. When we walk into a counseling room we walk in with Jesus.”

Published: Feb 26, 2020


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