Faces of Carroll: Steven McClatchy

There are many reasons why our students, professors, and teaching churches choose B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. So many, that we decided to round up some of our favorite stories in this series: The Faces of Carroll.

Join us in learning more about the Faces of Carroll…

Steven McClatchy

Alumna: Masters – Counseling

Steven McClatchy

Why did you choose Carroll?

The quality of education and the affordable cost.

How did Carroll prepare you for ministry?

Carroll as given me the tools to balance good psychology and good theology.

What are you doing now with your degree?

Counseling teenagers in a juvenile detention center.

How did being able to stay planted in your local community while attending Carroll help to support your life balance?

It allowed me to not uproot my family to continue my education. I was able to continue serving in my local church while getting a top-level education.

What would you say to someone who was considering enrolling in Carroll?

It is a great school with great faculty. Carroll will open your eyes to a new way of doing theological training.

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Published: Sep 30, 2019


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