Faces of Carroll: Erin Newton

There are many reasons why our students, professors, and teaching churches choose B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. So many, that we decided to round up some of our favorite stories in this series: The Faces of Carroll.

Join us in learning more about the Faces of Carroll…

Erin Newton

Student: Master of Theology – Old Testament

Why did you choose Carroll?

Because of the faculty, ease of taking courses online, and the affordability of classes.

How does Carroll prepare you for ministry?

Not only have I learned about the Bible and ministry in general, I have been able to learn more about various viewpoints which have helped me to relate to the worldwide body of Christ in humility and respect.

What do you plan on doing with your degree?

I feel God has called me to teach Old Testament in higher education.

How has being able to stay planted in your local community while attending Carroll helped to support your life balance?

I have had experience traveling over an hour to a local seminary which was difficult for ministry as well as my marriage. Being able to learn from home (or the local coffee shop) has helped save time during the day as a wife and mother of four small children.

What would you say to someone who was considering enrolling in Carroll?

I would highly recommend B.H. Carroll to anyone pursuing a seminary degree. I would stress the affordability and convenient online programs. Despite these perks, I would also stress the excellency of the faculty and staff which have not only taught their subjects well but have instilled a passion and love for God in my life. The intimacy of the smaller classes also enables the faculty to instill a genuine love for the students and a sense of belonging.

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Published: Sep 16, 2019


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