#BHCarrollGivingDay is this Sunday

#BHCarrollGivingDay focuses on our U.S. domestic students who are serving Christ and His church through preaching the Word, making disciples, and influencing others. Carroll’s students are not only pastors; they are also counselors, chaplains, seminary professors, missionaries and spiritual leaders in various ministry positions.

As a non-residential seminary, Carroll Institute maintains its operational costs to the bare minimum, thus providing theological education with tuition and fees that are affordable to students. Over 92% of graduates report that they completed their degrees with no debt related to their education at Carroll.

How can Carroll Institute provide theological education at such a low cost to students? Carroll relies on gifts from individuals, churches and foundations who are committed to supporting the Institute’s model of theological education. These gifts offset approximately 45% of the full delivery cost.

Published: May 15, 2018


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