B. H. Carroll and Hurricane Harvey Relief

The damage and flooding by Hurricane Harvey took their toll on some of those in the B. H. Carroll family. B. H. Carroll responded to some of these needs by setting aside ten percent of the monies given on September 14, North Texas Giving Day. Thanks to a matching gift donor and over 100 other donors on that day, B. H. Carroll was able to give $16,000 to Hurricane relief efforts through two of our Teaching Churches that were directly affected by the storm.

Drs. Adlin Cotto, Bruce Corley, and Larry Ashlock traveled to and presented half of the relief funds to our Teaching Church in Camaguey, Cuba. Dr. Larry Ashlock remarked, “Our flight into Camaguey showed evidence of the recent hurricane. A number of buildings had wind damage. The first couple of days we were there, the rains of Hurricane Irma were still with us.” The group traveled to not only give the funds to the church but to teach a cohort of students working on their Master of Arts (Theology) degree with Carroll Institute. This is the third cohort of Master’s students on the island. Carroll has 23 graduates serving through the churches in Cuba. Primera Iglesia Bautista de Camagüey has been a center for evangelism, ministry and worship in the city for years, and we know that Pastor Abel (Carroll graduate 2015) will continue to serve the community in the name of Jesus. Dr. Adlin Cotto commented, “They are ministering to pastors whose church buildings were damaged and also church members who suffered loss in various areas. The timing for Carroll’s relief offering to Camagüey was providential because their plans for relief help and work had been delayed! Carroll not only brought financial help but also much needed basic supplies and medications.”

Dr. Gene Wilkes traveled to preach and present the other half of the relief funds to First Baptist Church, Rockport, TX. The eye of Hurricane Harvey passed directly over the city and left the church, businesses, schools and homes in shambles. Dr. Scott Jones (Carroll graduate 2017) and the church have become the center of relief efforts for the county. The church coordinates the Aransas County Volunteer Reception Center where citizens register relief and rebuilding needs with the county and volunteers register and are assigned to work projects. FBC, when not serving their own needs, also houses Southern Baptist relief workers from all over the country. They host various church groups and individuals who volunteer to serve the community. Vice President Pence, Governor Abbot, and Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse gathered in front of the collapsed wall of the church for a time of prayer for the community. Dr. Wilkes said, “God has worked a miracle of restoration and hope through the people who are First Baptist, Rockport. They truly are the hands and feet to this city.”

Published: Dec 5, 2017


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