Dr. Bruce Corley Retires from B. H. Carroll Theological Institute

Dr. Bruce Corley, former president of B. H. Carroll Theological Institute and Professor of New Testament and Greek, retired June 30 as Senior Fellow of Scripture and Witness. President Gene Wilkes commented, “Dr. Corley was one of the four founding Senior Fellows who envisioned and implemented the Carroll Model. He simultaneously served as the Institute’s first President from 2004-2013. Dr. Corley has sacrificially invested his life, experience, scholarship and resources into the Carroll model and methodology. He is a world-class scholar who has inspired the lives of his students and colleagues over the years and who has pushed the boundaries of theological education for a new generation of church leaders…B. H. Carroll Theological Institute would not be what it is today without his influence and servant leadership.”

Dr. Bruce Corley, had announced his retirement at the spring meeting of the Board of Governors and was recognized at the May 26 Convocation and Graduation Ceremony. At the Convocation, Gene Wilkes expressed gratitude for Bruce Corley’s life and influence and his dedication to bring Carroll Institute to this point in time. Dr. Corley mentioned that one of the greatest blessings of his life has been the over 10,000 students that have been in his classes throughout his career. He commented, “Many of my students have become involved with Carroll, and it is a joy to see how the Lord is using them in His service.” When asked what he would do following retirement, Bruce Corley said that he would be reentering the world of biblical scholarship where unfinished books waited for him to complete and publish.

At the dinner honoring Dr. Corley when he stepped down as President in 2013, Dr. Gene Wilkes asked that people honor him by supporting the Carroll Primer Project, which he designed and edits. Along with that project, Carroll Institute wants to fund and name The Bruce Corley Chair of Scripture and Witness. This chair will ensure that the institute will have a scholar of equal status and influence as a Senior Fellow to guide the Scripture and Witness Cluster. Dr. Wilkes remarked, “Dr. Corley has given so much to Carroll and the friends of Carroll. Let’s honor the work of the Lord through his ministry by helping his legacy to continue with us.”

If you would like to write a word of appreciation to him, his B. H. Carroll email is bcorley@bhcarroll.edu

Published: Sep 17, 2017


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