Our Newly Renovated Diploma Program

Carroll Institute is offering a new Diploma program of study. Beginning in August 2017, courses will be offered online and face to face in Houston and Midland, Texas.

Prepare for ministry where you
live, work, and serve.

Our Diploma coursework is designed specifically for older students called to be church leaders or to do community-based ministry. There are two phases of training: the Diploma in Christian Ministry and the Advanced Diploma. They are for mature students (at least 25 years old) who have not completed college. They are not secular, undergraduate degrees. Instead, they are religious, non-degree programs that prepare students for ministry and admission to our Master’s programs.

The Diploma in Christian Ministry is equivalent to an associate degree in religion. It has four academic areas that develop biblical, theological, worship, and ministerial skills. It contains an orientation course, seven required courses in each academic area, plus one elective.

Students learn how to: interpret, preach and teach the Bible; apply principles from Christian history, doctrine, and ethics; defend Christian beliefs and practice; administer and grow the church; grow spiritually as individuals and disciple others; provide pastoral care and leadership; and lead worship and reach others for Christ.

The Advanced Diploma is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in religion. It builds on the Diploma in Christian Ministry, incorporates other college or seminary credit, and may include up to one year of college credit for life experience and practical ministry. For more information about the Advanced Diploma, please contact the Admissions Office.

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Published: Jul 28, 2017


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