New Dual-Track MA in Counseling Degree

B. H. Carroll’s Counseling Department is excited to announce the launch of its newly redesigned dual-track MA in Counseling Degree (MAC). In conjunction with the state of Texas’ updated standards for counseling licensure, beginning Carroll students now have the choice of two tracks for pursuing training to be a counselor.

The MA in Counseling—Licensure Track is the pathway for students who want to be licensed for counseling in Texas. This 76-hour track provides the elements needed in coursework and practicum training that positions them to seek licensure following graduation. The MA in Counseling—Licensure Track is also the foundational degree for students who plan to advance to PhD work in psychology and counseling.

The MA in Counseling—Ministry Track is a brand new pathway for the student who wants to be trained in counseling, but doesn’t plan to seek any kind of counseling licensure. This 58-hour track will provide solid, substantive training in counseling for the individual who desires to work in a ministry setting that doesn’t require counseling licensure.

For questions about the MA in Counseling program or about either of the two degrees, please contact Dr. Scott Floyd or Dr. Shannon Wolf or call 972-580-7600.

Published: Jul 19, 2017


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