I’m Just a Sunday School Teacher?

I’m Just a Sunday School Teacher?

Notice my title today ends with a question mark. When I talk to church leaders I often hear, “I’m just a Sunday School teacher,” or “I’m just a small group leader.”  We have been looking at the life and contributions of Henrietta Mears. She also encountered church leaders who said the same. Here is her response:

“Don’t ever say, “I am just a Sunday School teacher.” If you were a professor at Harvard or Oxford, you would be proud of it-proud of the great responsibility. Teacher, you are a professor in Christ’s college. As a Sunday School teacher you can be equally proud-not the sort of pride that exalts self, but the warm joyful glow of humble satisfaction that comes to those who serve the Savior in His strength, not theirs. What a responsibility you have-to teach an immortal soul to have fellowship with God! To fulfill this responsibility you must be wholly dedicated to the Lord and to the task He has for you to do. Christ was a teacher. He told you and me that our commission is to teach (Matt. 28:19, 20). Don’t ever say, “I’m just a Sunday School teacher.” You are a teacher in Christ’s college. Know your subject matter. Be proud that you teach!” (“Henrietta Cornelia Mears” in the Christian Educators of the 20th Century Project)

You are more than “just” a Sunday School teacher or a small group leader. You actually do have the opportunity to teach an immortal soul how to have fellowship with God Himself. What a responsibility. Oh, what a privilege!

Grabbing this truth about the Bible teaching ministry in which you serve can help you relax and trust God. It can also help you seize the moment, maximize your preparation, and energize your teaching.

You are MORE than just a Sunday School teacher. You are MORE than just a small group leader. You get to teach and fulfill the Great Commission.

Scripture: Read Ezra 7:10. How does Ezra’s attitude about teaching reflect on Henrietta Mears’ attitude about “just” being a Sunday School teacher?

Dig Deeper: Read more about Henrietta Mears here.

Published: Apr 20, 2017


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