A Church and A Visit: The Carroll Way

I recently finished teaching a course at First Baptist Church, Wylie. Over a dozen Readers and five students participate in the Leadership in Ministry course. To equip church leaders through a local church that is accessible, affordable and achievable is the Carroll Way. I am impressed once again with the quality of church leaders and students who are equipped for ministry through B. H. Carroll. Sunday School teachers, Pastors, church leaders and laymen engage in biblically based learning where they live and serve because B. H. Carroll delivers accredited theological education to church leaders in a local church. Dr. David Ritsema is currently teaching the course, New Testament Eschatology (who gets that at their church?!?) at FBC Wylie.

I am grateful to Pastors Kris Segrest and Derek Draper for their vision to partner with B. H. Carroll to provide quality training for their people and to be a training center for students who can access the courses at the church. I am still convinced the Carroll model is the most effective means through which men and women called to serve Christ can be equipped for their calling.

You may have seen the notice on the front page of our website announcing The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) Evaluation Visit to B. H. Carroll. While we are fully accredited by The Association of Biblical Higher Education and we hold Candidacy status with ATS, we will take the next step for initial accreditation through this evaluation visit. The ATS Board of Commissioners has reviewed our self-study and elected to send the evaluation team. The dates of the visit are March 27 through March 30.

Accreditation with ATS will be a significant achievement for our students, graduates and faculty as it is the most recognized peer review agency among the leading US and Canadian theological schools and seminaries and is sanctioned by the US Department of Education. To be accredited by such an agency to live out our core value of accountability is the Carroll Way. I am humbled by the excellent and tireless work by our faculty and staff to prepare the self study and for the team’s visit. I am beholden to the founding Senior Fellows and Governors who envisioned such recognition for Carroll Institute.

Please join us in prayer for this significant event in the history of the Institute and for the churches we partner with to carry out our mission. Your prayers and support are critical for us to continue the Carroll Way. We depend 100% on God’s favor and your support to accomplish the mission God has called us to complete. With a “bold humility,” I anticipate reporting a positive outcome from this visit in next month’s article.

Serving Him With You,

Published: Mar 27, 2017


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