Senior Fellow Scott Floyd Teaches Carroll Courses in China

In October, Dr. Scott Floyd, Senior Fellow and Director of Counseling Programs at Carroll Institute, had the opportunity to travel to Chengdu, China, to teach Crisis and Trauma Counseling to 25 Chinese students who are a part of Carroll’s partnership with Thanksgiving Church, one of Carroll’s international Teaching Churches. Students in the Chengdu program undertake intensive courses 3-4 times each year, working toward their M. A. in Religion and M. A. in Theology degrees. In addition to his time in Chengdu, Dr. Floyd taught parenting and marriage seminars in Macau through Macau Baptist Church. According to Floyd, “The Carroll vision is to provide education to students in their own contexts. To see the sacrifices these students make in order to learn, and to see their dedication to learning, is incredibly gratifying.”


Dr. Floyd also related that throughout the course, one student who began her coursework in Chengdu, now lives in Qatar. This student attended each session via Zoom, part of Carroll’s distance education platform, highlighting the flexibility of Carroll’s teaching model. (see photo on the right)

When Dr. Floyd was not teaching, he enjoyed experiencing other unique aspects of China just outside Chengdu.


The Chinese students often send letters of gratitude for the opportunity to study theological education due to Carroll’s vision and efforts. One student expressed, “Theological education must include the transfer of knowledge, but also the influence and connections of life. In my participation in the Carroll program, I have distinctly experienced that each professor who has come to teach has brought their own special qualities of life to us. These special qualities have been molded by Jesus Christ and have affected us deeply.”

Learn more about how you or your church could scholarship a student in China, or in one of our other global programs, or you may call The Carroll Center at 972-580-7600

Published: Oct 31, 2016


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