What Makes for a Great Small Group Bible Study?

If you just attended a great small group Bible study, how would you describe it? What made it great? What would you tell others about it and why?

What do you think identifies a great small group Bible study?

The Good Book Company just released a short video that answers those questions. The folks at The Good Book Company provide resources to help churches and disciples grow through Bible study. Here’s their recent video.

Here is what I heard in this video. These sorts of things identify great small group Bible studies:

  1. Small group Bible study is an essential part of church.
  2. Small group Bible studies let people pastor one another.
  3. Small group Bible study actually study the Bible together.
  4. Small group Bible studies work best when using great questions for discussion.
  5. A great small group Bible study doesn’t just read the Scriptures but helps us apply the Scriptures to our lives.
  6. Small group Bible study help us know and be known.
  7. A great small group Bible study keeps you thinking about a passage long after the meeting is over.
  8. A great small group Bible study helps us come to know God.
  9. Small groups help us experience vibrant prayer.
  10. Small groups create experiences that let God transform us.

The value of effective small group Bible study is amazing. What can you do to take steps toward making your small group Bible study into a great small group Bible study?

Scripture: Read Colossians 4:15. Notice this simple sentence. Nympha hosted a church in her house. That is a small group. Consider the possibility of hosting a small group in your house.

Dig Deeper: Explore the blogs and other resources at The Good Book Company.

Published: Oct 20, 2016


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