The Outcome of Discipleship – Maturing and Multiplying

As a person who comes to follow Jesus, is the primary outcome that our messes would be cleaned and our problems would be solved? Those are important and valuable, but they aren’t the goal. We focus upon to outcomes that serve as the targets of our transformation (Morphing):

1 – Maturity – The personal outcome of growing as a disciple of Jesus is that we would mature. This maturing process is a slow one. It is the character-shaping, life-altering effect of much time in the kiln of discipleship. We can expect that as we mature that our lives will deal less with re-active messes and deal more with pro-active growth. Think of it as playing offense vs. defense.

2 – Multiplication – The global outcome of growing as a disciple of Jesus is that we would multiply. A counselor will tell you that their goal is that you would become healed and no longer need counseling. A disciple-maker will tell you that their goal for you is that you become mature so that you can multiply. In other words, you prove maturity by making disciples of others. At what point does this occur? Is there a magic number or period of time? No, but the sooner the better. Discipleship is modeled off of how Christ made disciples. Take a look at John 1 and see how long He waited to get His followers thinking missionally. Multiply early and often. Mature as you go and then you may see even greater outcomes!

All this maturing and multiplying is very fulfilling. That leads us into our final week. Stay tuned!

[Admin Note: This is part 6 in a 7 part series. You find the others in the series here.]

Published: Aug 25, 2016


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