Transformational Discipleship – Morphed

Made by God. Marred by Sin. Mended by Christ. What’s next?

Morphed – Yes, I stretched that ‘M’. I know, I know. But the process of metamorphosis isn’t far from what can happen in the life of a follower of Christ. Change requires time and effort but oh so much more. All of our time and effort will be fruitless if we do not allow God’s Holy Spirit and God’s Holy Word to have its way in us. That is where the transformation comes in. That is where we can begin to change and the messes of our lives can be addressed with the true power of God. Our morphing can be easily divided into three parts:

1 – Mindset – Our head must change. We must gain a biblical worldview as we mine the scriptures for truth and promises to glue over the problems and messes of our past.

2 – Ministry – The work of our hands will change as a result of being morphed by the Spirit of God. We become aware of God’s wiring and gifting for us as well as the unique role we can play in His Body (The Church).

3 – Marvel – Our hearts are changed as we are transformed into worshippers of The Living God. We marvel at His love and creation and His grace offered to us daily as we live within His will in the world.

Which of these three should come first or get the most attention? That is impossible to answer. As we each come to the table of transformation at different stages, we must allow God’s Spirit to work in our head, heart and hands as He wills. You may have seen someone who was all head and no heart or hands…this can make for a prideful person. Maybe you have seen a ‘do-good’ server who is all hands but couldn’t tell you why and didn’t really do so out of the joy of salvation. We even come across the occasional person who marvels at everything but does nothing. The goal isn’t to have each of these areas grow at the same pace. The goal is that we would be surrendered to God’s Spirit and Word so fully that they grow according to His perfect will!

When we do that then we see amazing outcomes! That’s for next week!

[Admin Note: This is part 5 in a 7 part series. You find the others in the series here.]

Published: Aug 18, 2016


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