The Questions that Lead Us To Discipleship Process

I think in terms of questions. Most people do. What will I have for dinner? When will we get there? Our culture prefers good questions to good answers.

With Discipleship, we have found it helpful to see what the common questions are that people deal with as they enter a church (or consider entering it). Here are three that get to the heart of most everyone is dealing with:

#1 – Why Am I Here? Yes, the question of purpose and meaning. The Big One! For what reason am I taking up Oxygen. Our people may not be saying this one out loud but it is at the heart of every other thing they do and deal with. Our Discipleship Process better be ready to address this one and do so Biblically. You will see that at the root of a question like this is identity, mission and ultimately a pathway to maturity.

#2 – Why Am I In This Mess? We don’t always admit this one right up front but we reach people with the Gospel most often because they have become aware of a part of their life that isn’t right. It might be their marriage or their finances. It might be that the Holy Spirit has already led them to their spiritual deficiency. The Gospel is the ultimate mess eraser. Our discipleship models must speak to the ‘why’ part of this question. We must be clear on the issue of sin and be clear on the resolution to the problem.

#3 – Can I Change? This is a question of hope. We are all aware of our weak spots and we are all dealing with question #2 with some part of our being. This is the question at the heart of a persons search that puts them on the path to receive the hope offered in Christ. Our discipleship process better lay out a clear pathway towards change and transformation and it best be centered on biblical helps rather than worldly ways. This is where the Holy Spirit resides…transforming hearts bit by bit and step by step.

What questions do folks come to you with? How do you address them within the process of making disciples in your ministry?

Next week we will begin to walk thru our discipleship model from start to finish.

[Admin Note: This is part 2 in a 7 part series. You find the others in the series here.]

Published: Jul 28, 2016


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