How to Start a Fire: North Texas Giving Day, B.H. Carroll and You


It only takes a spark! Ok, I know some of you just groaned, but stick with me. There are many ways to start a fire: a piece of glass and some refracted light; rubbing two sticks together; striking some flint rock to spark; and my personal favorite walking out in my backyard, turning a nozzle and pushing an ignition switch, and firing up the grill. Then there are the ones that like to douse some wood in some accelerant and light a match… and BOOM, SET ABLAZE.

Charitable giving is a lot like starting a fire. Some folks can take some modest resources like sticks or stones along with some leaves and twigs to create a fire. Others may have the resources to gather pre-cut firewood, gasoline, and a windproof lighter and place them all in a nice rock-lined fire pit. One fire may start out more modestly than the other, but they both can become raging, powerful forces. This is the hope I have for North Texas Giving Day and your decision to donate to B.H. Carroll Theological Institute tomorrow.

Pastor and theologian B.H. (Benajah Harvey) Carroll had a passion to train local pastors theologically, and Carroll Institute continues that legacy with the same passion and purpose today. Help spread the passion! No gift is too small and combined with larger gifts, can help pave the way for an unstoppable missional movement to equip anyone, anywhere, anytime through Carroll’s unique online model distributed through the local church.

Why give on this one day you ask?
1. To help Carroll continue to make accredited theological education affordable and available to students in most of the world in places like South East Asia, India, Africa and the Middle East.

“I feel like B.H. Carroll is a good investment. It’s not so expensive, but the value is there. So for me, it doesn’t mean my husband and I having to go into a big loan or big debt to get a seminary education, but we can continue to do seminary along with our ministry that we are already involved in.”

Kate Davis, current M.Div. student

2. Giving this way, on this day, through the North Texas Giving Day website to Carroll Institute, gives Carroll a chance to win additional prize money based on our efforts and overall receipts. One such way is helping us re-tweet this specific tweet that you will find at the top of the B.H. Carroll twitter profile:


Retweet Pic


“Giving on this day and in this way is an easy way to show your support of Carroll and to add to your gift an additional percentage through Communities Foundation of Texas.”  – Dr. C. Gene Wilkes, Carroll President

How can I give on this day and in this way?

Tomorrow, September 17th, from 6 am (CST) to Midnight (CST), you can go directly to the Carroll Profile page on North Texas Giving Day’s website by clicking on this Carroll Profile for North Texas Giving Day. Please know that this site is completely secure, all money will get directly to B.H. Carroll Theological Institute and is absolutely counted as a Tax Deductible Charitable Donation. Your giving can help take our blazing passion for the worldwide theological training of missional leaders to a white-hot level of viral expansion.

Published: Sep 16, 2015


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