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Faculty & Administration

Administrative Council

The Administration of B. H. Carroll Theological Institute is carried out by the President and Senior Fellows, full-time faculty who have been charged by the Board of Governors with the administration of the academic, student, business, and advancement life of the Institute. In terms of academic administration, a Senior Fellow is one of four persons with significant responsibility for the administration of one of four Learning Clusters (Scripture & Witness, Faith & Heritage, Ministry & Formation, and Worship & Ministry). Senior Fellows serve as an Administrative Council along with the President (the President serves as one of the Senior Fellows). In many ways, Senior Fellows serve in a capacity as would a council of deans in other academic settings. Along with various administrative duties, Senior Fellows also serve as Professors. A Professor is a senior faculty member who is established as a leader within a chosen discipline. Senior Fellows must be Full Professors and given tenure upon appointment. Senior Fellows are required to have significant higher-education teaching experience and extensive church ministry experience.


The faculty of B. H. Carroll Theological Institute is made up of persons of genuine Christian character, attitude and behavior who are active members of churches; who demonstrate a call for teaching; who have adequate academic, normally doctoral, preparation and experience in their discipline; who model scholarly excellence and practical ministry; who teach consistently with the Bible and historic Baptist principles; who work collegially together and who are committed to building constructive and collaborative relationships with all constituencies of the Institute, especially local churches. The core faculty members are located at the administrative hub in Arlington, Texas, and mentor-teachers are located near Teaching Church sites, with some online teachers in remote locations.

Published: Jan 25, 2015


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