Retirement of Senior Fellow Budd Smith

Dr. Budd Smith, Senior Fellow over the Ministry and Formation Cluster, formally announced his retirement during the fall meeting of Carroll’s Board of Governors on October 28, 2014. President Gene Wilkes thanked Budd for his service to Carroll not only as Senior Fellow, but as one of the four founders who brought Carroll into existence. Dr. Wilkes brought the recommendation to the Board members that Dr. Norma Hedin be elected as Senior Fellow to lead the Ministry and Formation Cluster. The motion made by Joan Trew and seconded by Jeff Whitfield carried unanimously.

Budd Smith remarked:

“I can’t think of anything God could have let me do that would have been more gracious in my life than to have been involved with Carroll for eleven years. My colleagues are the best anywhere, and we are grateful for the commitment the Governors have made to allow us to do what we do. It is with great gratitude that I am able to retire and feel so good about Carroll. I don’t think there is anyone better than Norma to fill this role, and I am pleased with her election. Thank you.”

Norma Hedin joined the meeting following the vote and was congratulated by the Board. She expressed her thanks to the Governors for putting their confidence in her and noted that she is honored and humbled to have been chosen for this position.

Published: Oct 29, 2014


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