“No Need Among You” Conference 2014

Dr. Stan Moore and Dr. Gene Wilkes participated in the No Need Among YouConference held Oct. 15-17, 2014 in Austin, TX. Two of Carroll’s MAR students, Larry and Megan Key, in addition to participating in the conference, enrolled in the Christian Community Development Course taught by Dr. Jimmy Dorrell, Executive Director of Mission Waco/Mission World.

Prior to the conference, Dr. Moore sat in on the Christian Community Development course on Tuesday which was managed by Jimmy Dorrell but taught by six people over a two-day period. The conference that followed was another component of the course, and there were sessions given by Drs. Tomi Grover and Jimmy Dorrell, both Resident Fellows at Carroll, Janet Dorrell, Scott Truex and others. Dr. Gene Wilkes joined the conference on Wednesday.

Dr. Moore reported that there were about 300 people in attendance at the conference which took place at Greater Mt. Zion Church, in East Austin. The conference booths and displays were at Mission Possible because of limited space in the church. Among the participants were many Baptists as well as other denominations from Texas and beyond, which made for a very congenial group. The topics covered at the conference were employment, feeding the hungry, housing needs, and all the spiritual concerns surrounding those difficult situations. Dr. Freddy Haynes, pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church, was a primary speaker and gave a very meaningful and well-received presentation. There were about thirty entities there in support of the event.

Dr. Moore commented,

It was inspiring to sit in on the Christian Community Development class and then the conference itself. I was challenged by hearing testimonies of how God is transforming communities spiritually, economically, socially, and physically. I am so pleased that Carroll is planning to develop a course of study to train those who are called to this ministry. Every church should be seeking ways to transform its surrounding community for the glory of God, putting into practice the two great commandments to love God and to love neighbor.

Dr. Wilkes agreed that it was a wonderful opportunity to participate in events like this. He stated that more partnerships and intensive courses such as the Christian Community Development Course will allow Carroll Institute to develop a greater network for ministry which will provide more opportunities for Carroll students. The next “No Need Among You” Conference will be held October 14-16, 2015, in Austin. Mark your calendar to attend this wonderful event.

Larry and Megan Key with Dr. Wilkes at Greater Mt. Zion Church, East Austin

Dr. Wilkes and Dr. Tomi Grover, Justice Advocate and Human Trafficking specialist

Published: Oct 20, 2014


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