Carroll Graduates First Cohort of Students in Russia

Yet another milestone for Carroll. In October, Carroll granted degrees to its first graduates in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The four graduates, who received the Master of Arts in Theology degree, were all prominent pastors in Russia. This is the culmination of a fruitful partnership with Carroll and the St. Petersburg Evangelical Theological Academy. Dr. Sergei Nikolaev, President of the Academy and Pastor of Temple of the Gospel where the Theological Academy is housed, is so grateful to Carroll Institute for this collaborative teaching effort that has made the dream come true for Russian theology students to receive an accredited degree.

Dr. Samuel Carmack, Resident Fellow and member of Carroll’s Board of Governors, represented Carroll at graduation. In the week prior to graduation, he taught the course Christian Witness to a new cohort of twenty-seven students. Five of these students attended class online from Siberia.

Dr. Carmack commented, “It is hard to quantify the world-wide influence of Carroll. It certainly is already very large for such a young institution. We already can say that the sun never sets on students and graduates of Carroll.”

Please consider supporting this work in Russia.


Published: Oct 15, 2014


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