Dr. Gene Wilkes, Carroll VP of Advancement, Speaks at Leadership Conference in Greece


Dr. Gene Wilkes recently made a trip to Greece to speak at a leadership development conference for a US-based NGO made up of charity and business leaders who live and work in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He encouraged and equipped the participants of the conference through daily teaching times with them and in one-on-one conversations. He also found time to make a side trip to the ancient ruins of Corinth. He carried the B. H. Carroll flag he took to the summit of Mt. Rainier earlier this month. He is pictured standing in front of the Bema, or, podium in the forum of the ancient city of Corinth. (See Acts 18:12-16.)


“I can’t wait to teach NT II or 1 Corinthians again,” Dr. Wilkes said. “You can read and study your whole life, but until you stand where Paul stood, you will never have a complete picture of his experiences. I wish more of the Carroll family could make a trip to sites like this in the future. It would make such a difference in their grasp on how God worked through his servants we read about in Scripture.”


B. H. Carroll is a graduate level community of faith and learning that equips men and women who serve Christ in the diverse and global ministries of his church. If you would like to donate to the mission of Carroll, you can do so online here.

Published: Sep 9, 2013


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