Principled Leadership Conference Held in Midland, TX

FBC Midland partners with B. H. Carroll Theological Institute as a Teaching Church to provide theological education for those interested in a degree program and lay ministry training for Christian leaders. The teaching is conducted face-to face by mentor-teachers living in the area of the Teaching Church or by other teaching fellows related to the Institute.

During the Paschal Term, Dr. Randel Everett, Pastor of FBC Midland, is teaching a course on leadership in ministry, or as the course is called, “Leading in a Culture of Change.”   Dr. Harvey Perkins, CEO of the Urban Learning and Leadership Center in Hampton, VA,  is guest lecturer for the course.

In this leadership course, the students are encouraged to think critically about the changing patterns and challenges of the church, explore leadership styles, and identify contemporary resources for assisting congregations to navigate the uncharted waters facing the emerging church.

An intensive one-day seminar entitled “Principled Leadership Seminar” was included in the course. The seminar was held on Tuesday, January 29, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Blankenship Lecture Hall at Midland College. Participants in the seminar examined the changing patterns and challenges of society and explored possibilities for utilizing their unique leadership skills and identifying contemporary resources for assisting communities both the public and private sectors. The seminar was led by Dr. Randel Everett and Dr. Harvey Perkins.  Mr. Drayton McLane, entrepreneur and chairman of the McLane Group – a high technology firm – was the featured guest speaker. Also present for the leadership seminar in representation of Carroll Institute was Dr. Gene Wilkes along with the four Senior Fellows, Drs. Bruce Corley, Budd Smith, Jim Spivey, and Stan Moore.

Published: Feb 11, 2013


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