Missionary-in-Residence, Jan Johnsonius, Returns to Spain

Jan Johnsonius has served as a career missionary with the International Mission Board (IMB) for 14 years, and currently ministers in Madrid, Spain. Through the platform of Life Coaching (with training through a Spanish Life Coaching organization), Jan focuses on reaching urban professionals in the mega city (5 million population) of Madrid.  Her background includes work as a newspaper reporter, editor and photographer, as well as public relations director for several organizations, including Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Methodist Health Systems and The Virginia Opera.  She moved to Madrid in December 2002 after serving for seven years as director of International Student Services at Southwestern Seminary, where she earned her Master of Divinity degree in 2001.  Before joining the Seminary staff, Jan served with the IMB in Argentina alongside her husband, Jim, who was killed in an auto accident on the field in 1993.

When Jan is not busy meeting with groups at churches and other venues sharing about her work in Spain, she occupies an office at Carroll Institute. Jan is available to assist the staff when needed and to promote Carroll Institute wherever she goes.


Published: Dec 3, 2012


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