PhD Graduate leads mission trip to Los Cabos, Mexico

Helen Boursier

PhD Graduate and Pastor of a “Missional Church”

Dr. Helen Boursier is a PhD graduate from Carroll Institute and Senior Pastor of Community Fellowship Presbyterian Church in New Braunfels, Texas. Her vision is that Community Fellowship “be a vibrant missional church – preaching and teaching Christ-centered theology that is culturally relevant and spiritually renewing.”

As a pastor, Rev. Dr. Boursier is very busy this time of year and encourages the church membership to be very actively involved in the New Braunfels community in events such as Wassailfest, Christmas VBS, and Las Posadas, a procession and re-enactment of the Nativity.

Earlier in the year, Helen led a mission team from her church to partner with the Cabo Church in the “barrios” (neighborhoods) of Los Cabos, Mexico. The eight-day trip June 16-23 included serving in four of the eight Cabo Church sponsored soup kitchens which are located in poor communities in Cabo San Jose and Cabo San Lucas. The team shopped, prepped, cooked, served, and cleaned. They also helped with a street outreach ministry, led vacation Bible school activities for the children, assisted with pastoral care, and shot video and still images to assist with PR materials for the Cabo Kids ministry.

Published: Aug 20, 2012


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