Top 5 Best Apps for Pastors Your Probably Not Using

I spend a lot of time being pulled in different directions. I lead a ministry to high school students call Young Life, I coach my sons soccer team, my family is three volunteers in countless ways in our local church, I manage this blog and the Social Media accounts for B.H. Carroll Theological Institute, and I run my own creative consulting business. I was a youth pastor on church staff for 18 years and between that and my general makeup I have been what some would call an early adaptor. In that I am on a constant search for new solutions to old problems and constantly trying out new technologies, gadgets, foods, etc.

In that search I focus a lot of streamlining effort and productivity tools. So her are the iPhone (and Android apps) for church staff that I think are incredibly useful that you might not be using or have discovered yet.

  1. Unknown-1 Sunrise

    Sunrise is a calendar app that has some really cool features. Need to reschedule a marriage counseling appointment when they call at the last minute and can’t make it. Just open the appointment and with one finger drag it to the new day and time. What about realizing you need to lengthen a meeting time, just pinch and stretch the appointment. Sunrise comes with lots of integration features with other calendars such as Facebook birthdays, team schedules (I follow Liverpool in the EPL). It can integrate with apps such as TripIt, Evernote, Basecamp (project management) The day view shows events, birthdays and weather

  2. UnknownSet More

    This app is a scheduling app for pastors or church staff that do a lot of counseling or consulting/coaching. It is a powerful little tool that allows you to send your open calendar to others and let them pick the time they are available to meet. I am using this to schedule appointments with my Young Life leaders for bi-weekly one-on-one times for coaching, leading and accountability. The paid version includes lots of interrogations such as google calendar, the ability to accept online payments, text appointment reminders and set re-accuring classes and appointments.

Published: Jan 1, 1970


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