There’s an old saying about news, but we don’t believe it. “No news is bad news.” So we want to keep you informed about what is going on at B.H. Carroll. Below you’ll find the latest happenings. If you have a news tip about a B.H. Carroll faculty member, donor, alumnus or alumna, please let us know. We want to tell the world about what our students, donors, and professors are doing.

Two ways to give

B.H. Carroll has for the past 16 years provided affordable, accessible, and high-quality theological education to students engaged in the global and diverse ministries of Christ’s church. That effort would not have been possible without...

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Counseling program approved by State of Arkansas

IRVING, Texas (November 25, 2020)—The Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling has made it possible for graduates of the B.H. Carroll Theological Institute’s Master of Arts in Counseling-Licensure Track program to receive licensure in...

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Cathey’s work featured in new illustrated study Bible

IRVING, Texas (November 24, 2020) — Dr. Joseph R. Cathey, Carroll Fellow and Associate Professor of Biblical Languages and Literature at the B.H. Carroll Theological Institute, is in the Bible—sort of.  Several articles about the ancient...

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2020 Virtual Convocation and Graduation Ceremony

B. H. Carroll Theological Institute cordially invites its students, faculty and staff, and members of its supporting church network to view its 2020 Convocation and Graduation Ceremony online on Friday, Nov. 13, at 7 p.m. The...

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B.H. Carroll receives VA benefits release

IRVING, Texas (October 26, 2020) – B.H. Carroll Theological Institute has received its approval from the Veterans Administration to serve as an educational provider for veterans and other eligible persons with VA benefits. Under U.S. Code...

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B.H. Carroll Fall Colloquy will feature Gordon T. Smith

IRVING, Texas (October 16, 2020) — B.H. Carroll Theological Institute’s Frank and Pauline Patterson Fall Colloquy, the calling together of its students and faculty for theological discussion and PhD presentations, will have a northern...

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B.H. Carroll offers first round of intensive courses

IRVING, Texas (August 21, 2020)—B.H. Carroll Theological Institute will begin offering intensive courses in selected subjects beginning in November.  The compressed courses are an opportunity for master’s-level students to complete all...

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B. H. Carroll Theological Institute is a trailblazer in the area of theological education, using technology and the local church to enrich the ministry practice of its students. Through the formation of collaborative communities of learning, Carroll nurtures the souls and sharpens the minds of both faculty and students alike.

Where finances and time constraints were obstacles, BH Carroll’s affordability and accessibility have cleared the way for me to pursue my Ph.D. in counseling.

I readily benefitted at Carroll from the steadfast commitment to the Word of God, professors who love the Lord, and classmates walking this road into ministry alongside me.