Carroll PhD Graduate Makes Great Strides in the Field of Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Deana Adams

Deana Adams
Ph.D., LPC-S

Dr. Deana Adams, LPC-S, was the first woman to graduate from B. H. Carroll Theological Institute with a Ph.D. in Ministry and Formation/Psychology. Following her graduation in May 2012, God has continued to bless her with a passion to help those affected by brain injury. With great assistance from Drs. Karen Bullock and Larry Ashlock, she began a non-profit organization called Hope After Brain Injury and occasionally consults on Brain Injury compensation, as well as provided referral help to local attorneys. To her knowledge, this is the only faith-based non-profit organization for brain injury in the U.S.

The organization began hosting annual conferences for the brain injury community that focused on long-term recovery. Their support group, which started with 6 members, has grown to more than 50 participants each month. The program now has an international reach that assists brain injury survivors and their caregivers by providing access to community resources, counseling, and education throughout North American, Indonesia, England, Australia, and Sweden.

Along with counseling brain injury survivors and their families, Dr. Adams has had the opportunity to present part of her dissertation to experts in the brain injury field at the North American Brain Injury Society’s Conference in San Antonio, Texas and Craig’s Hospital Brain Injury Summit in Vail, Colorado. She is also well versed in helping clients to find a suitable brain injury attorney for their clients to use, as well as using the internet to find reliable information – such as She also submitted an article (“Coping Strategies of Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors and Primary Caregivers”) that is currently under review to the Journal of Neurorehabilitation, co-written with Dr. Marie Dahdah from the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation. Dr. Adams has been asked to present part of her dissertation at the International Brain Injury Association 11th World Congress at The Hague, Netherlands, later this year in 2016.

Dr. Deana Adams has a word of encouragement to others in the doctoral program at Carroll Institute:

In the midst of all the cognitive gymnastics higher level academics requires, keep at it! You are in the midst of wonderful Fellows positioned and ready to help you in every step. Plus, you have your Heavenly Father cheering you on and giving you ALL that you need to succeed.

Published: Feb 24, 2016


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