B. H. Carroll and the Teaching Church

Since 2004, B.H. Carroll Theological Institute has been offering a different way to equip ministry leaders with quality education and clear application. What many do not know is that our namesake, B.H. Carroll, was our inspiration not just as an extraordinary visionary and seminary leader, but as a model Teaching Church leader. As a pastor for over 25 years, Pastor Carroll mentored young ministerial students in the church library weekly, teaching them the word and also application in the churches and community. This “incubator” setting of a Teaching Church resonated with the founders of B.H. Carroll Theological Institute as they launched their seminary.

B.H. Carroll and the Teaching Church

Over the past year, we have renewed our strategy and effort to build out our Teaching Church network, or nexus, to reach into new territories in Texas and beyond. It has been a time of pioneering and trailblazing as we explore new ways to partner with churches and associations to get theological training to the front lines of ministries without uprooting leaders and burdening them with costly student debt.  So far, we’ve added nine new Teaching Churches across Texas and even Germany! We are actively engaged with several churches in Texas and other states and planning to add them to our nexus in the coming academic year.

The Benefits of Partnering with B.H. Carroll as a Teaching Church

As a Carroll Teaching church, members of your church and staff can attend classes as Readers (auditors) for free. In addition, people in your wider community can attend classes at your church as Readers for only $40 per class. For degree-seeking students, tuition is 1/3 the cost of traditional seminaries at $305 per unit, making it affordable and achievable! All of this is designed to bring theological training back into the local church where there are the relationships, the mentorship, and where the learnings can be immediately applied.

Are you interested in becoming a Teaching Church partner with Carroll?   Please contact Lue at lkraltchev@bhcarroll.edu


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